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Home » Akord písně 10 Signs That You May Have A Narcissistic Mother | Hudba Česko poskytuje standardní akordy

Akord písně 10 Signs That You May Have A Narcissistic Mother | Hudba Česko poskytuje standardní akordy

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10 Signs That You May Have A Narcissistic Mother a obrázky související s tímto akordem mothers daughter text.

10 Signs That You May Have A Narcissistic Mother

10 Signs That You May Have A Narcissistic Mother

mothers daughter text a Sdílet související s článek.

Máte narcistickou matku? Děti narcistických rodičů procházejí svým životem zmatené a ztracené a při hledání lásky je nikdy nedostaly z domova. Očekávají, že jejich matky budou vychovávat a podporovat je, ale když mají co do činění s narcistickými matkami, nedostává se jim lásky a podpory, kterou jim zdraví rodiče poskytují. Zřeknutí se odpovědnosti: Toto video má čistě vzdělávací charakter. Není navržen tak, aby diagnostikoval nebo naznačoval, že vaše matka je narcistka nebo má narcistickou poruchu osobnosti (NPD), protože poznáte některé znaky v tomto videu. Pokud máte vztah k tomuto videu a chcete se dozvědět více o známkách narcistického zneužívání, máme k tomu také video: Autor: Yeonsu Lee & Jade Hamilton Editor a manažer scénáře: Kelly Soong VO: Amanda Silvera Animátor: Sam Rain Youtube Manager : Cindy Cheong Podpořte náš kanál připojením k našemu členství! Pomůže nám to znovu investovat a vytvořit více duševního zdraví a obsahu psychologie pro každého. Další informace o našem členství na YouTube: Pokud máte s námi nějaké požadavky na témata nebo příběhy, neváhejte nám poslat e-mail na adresu [email protected]

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10 Signs That You May Have A Narcissistic Mother.

mothers daughter text.

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39 thoughts on “Akord písně 10 Signs That You May Have A Narcissistic Mother | Hudba Česko poskytuje standardní akordy”

  1. 10 signs you have a narcissistic mother(short):
    1) She sees her children as her trophy or her pawn 1:36
    2) She likes to keep control 2:33
    3) She uses manipulation to get what she wants 2:56
    4) Her love is conditional rather than unconditional 3:23
    5) She often diverts the conversation to focus on herself 3:54
    6) She lacks empathy 4:14
    7) She is unpredictable 4:44
    8) She carries grudges 5:05
    9) She is emotionally volatile 5:33
    10) She will never want to let you go 5:51
    ✨Hope you enjoyed video and i wish everything be good in your lives✨

  2. I was brainwashed to think I had a perfect mother until 44! Family scapegoat here.. narcissist parenting is real and very traumatic especially when she gaslights me about her past choices.

  3. Relatable. My mom takes the simple shit like me not wanting to turn on a fan or open a window, and starts ranting about me being disrespectful and how I need to stay on my level. I used to try hard to connect, but I just said fuck it. She's not physically abusive or anything like that, but I can't wait till I'm 18 so I can leave this shitshow…

  4. mom: respect is EARNED
    also mom: YOU HAVE TO RESPECT ME BECAUSE IM YOUR MOM!!1111111!!!!

    i am trying to go against my mom now i am trying to be narcissistic to my mom. and she is now stressed i want to go harder on her so she can be depressed and finally know how it feels like to be treated that way. its hard sometimes because shes the stereotypical asian parent (yes im asian, yes i still wonder how im alive) but the depression is eeping into her…. if the defensive tactic does not work than ill use the offensife tactic

  5. My mom's been doing this to me for about 30 years now and I've been contemplating suicide cause the police won't help and everyone in town just moks me for being trapped, she just goes behind my back to make people think I'm mentally ill or evil or to be pittied every time I'm close to getting away from her, physically and verbally abused by this woman who can't even work a vcr but by lying to everyone she's made me out to be some kind of monster or tell me to go die this has been going on so long every birthday for about 20 years now I've prayed to die, or that she just stops talking to me or leaves me alone, every Christmas also I only wish for one thing that she just dissapears….it escalated to the point where I don't even believe in god anymore but always wish they were real, or trust people hardly cuz of the mockery or pity she inspired in them, I just wish she'd go away or be incarcerated. Every day morning to night I've been arguing with a narcissistic mother with the brain of a 5 yr old….🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 she just recently got me fired from my job also…I wish someone would do something to help but they either don't care, or they're to busy, or they're lying about helping idk what to do anymore.

  6. Story of my life… to this day at the age of 31 I still fear my mother. The only good thing I got out of my mother is learning how to not be a parent and to give my kids true love and an open relationship like a mother should give and not expect anything in return.

  7. Can we talk about how hard it is being the golden child when all other siblings have "disappointed" her. The pressure to live up to her expectations is unbearable sometimes because she sees u as her only hope

  8. I already commented on this video earlier but wanted to add more. My ex's mother is a complete narcissist!. When we first started dating and would go on dates to dinner or movies she would call him talking crap for a full hour! She would say things that why is he taking me out? Why isn't he taking her out? Since he can take a girl out now he has to take her out for dinner and to get her nails done. This happened on every date we went on!!. I loved this man so stuck it out…. BIG MISTAKE on my part. It only got worse. I got pregnant and she would constantly try and sabotage mine and her sons relationship!. She would encourage him to talk to his ex and even messaged her for him! She would manipulate fights between us. She would even try and give me pregnancy scares because my son wasn't turned upside down at 5 months. She kept telling me my son is gonna be born not being able to walk and is gonna have to wear leg braces and then she would laugh about it. And since my bf just wanted to please his mother he would allow this behavior and never stuck up for me. I'm so happy to be out of that environment!!! She would always tell me that I will be the same as her when my son grows up. I told her I will love my son and I will strive to be NOTHING LIKE YOU !!!

  9. My ex mother in law shows every single sign mentioned !!!
    It was complete hell living in that environment!. I'm so happy I got away from that ( well semi) since I did have a child with her son and I'm currently going through drama with them. She's still trying to have control over me and me son. I am currently engaged to a wonderful man and I'm so grateful for his wonderful loving mother. She is the absolute best!!

  10. Listening to all of these (and other videos on this topic), I don’t think I have a narcissistic mother, but am I the only one whose heart is breaking thinking of all those listening realizing that this is THEIR mother? hugs

  11. There mother made her children feel like they owed her something, instead of taking care of her kids as a parent should they spent much of there lives taking care of there mother. When one her children would cry because of something hurtful she said the mother would laugh referring to go it as " crocodile tears ".

  12. I related to everything on this list everything describe my mother to a T it reminded me of all the abuse I went through as a child but during therapy I was able to understand that it was not me it was her to this day she won’t give up her ways that is why I cut her out of my life and it was the best decision I have ever made

  13. I used to grieve a lot when I was a child .but now I stand strong and talk back . I am not a victim anymore . I don't care if she agrees or not but I won't let myself down . My mom is the most problematic personality I ve ever seen . Rest all people that came to my life were similar pattern of my mother . Now I am free and strong ❤️ hope everyone get that space free of trauma bond

  14. Adult scapegoat child here!!! This sure hit the nail on the head. The cycle only stops if you make it stop. My NM is no longer legally my mother, and I’ve gone no contact. 💪🏻

  15. This is my life being described, being the third girl child in the family when they were expecting a boy child, makes it even worse. They were not even interested in naming me. I thought is it only my mother who is like this, but no there are so many out there in the world. I am 27 and she is not willing to marry me off. We received a proposal, but she with her conspiracy, somehow rejected the proposal. She did not even allow me to confront her regarding this. She just shut me up! I just wanna be far away from her.

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